Patron Saint of Maglie

Patron Saint of Maglie

Photos: Vivi Maglie

City of Maglie

Maglie, Italy

La festa di S. Nicola

A three day festival honors Maglie's patron saint, Saint Nicholas. It begins with a solemn procession with statues of St. Nicholas, Our Lady of Grace and St. Horace, in the evening of May 9th, bringing the statue out of the church to the public square. The main celebration takes place on the 10th, with a solemn mass and band concerts in the public square. Fireworks close the day's festivity. May 11 is a day of thanksgiving; the statue remains in the public square and there is light entertainment.

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Patron Saint of Maglie
The statue goes out in procession on May 8
Beautiful lighted screens illumine the square
Fireworks end the main day of festivity, May 10th