St. Nicholas

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St. Nicholas Appearances

At Christ Gate
St Nicholas in Canterbury, England
Byzantine Nicholas with child
St Nicholas in Hillside, New Jersey
With church group
St Nicholas in Holland, Michigan

Today's good saint visits a great variety of places—some are big and spectacular, while others are small and intimate. Some take place in the public square, others in schools, churches, and even homes. Some invite the larger public to participate, others are for members only.

All visits, however, seek to bring the true spirit of Saint Nicholas
    • compassion
    • generosity
    • love of God
to children and adults alike.

Tips and ideas for St. Nicholas appearances:

      Costume suggestions & patterns
      Crozier top to make an inexpensive crozier
      Find a St. Nicholas Updated!
      A new, growing directory of experienced St. Nicholases in the US and Canada
      Appearances go smoothly with good helpers
      Props & Talking Points 
      Visuals for engaging presentations
      Illustrative Objects for St. Nicholas Stories
      More suggestions for storytelling
      Scripts Updated!
      One-person presentations and two-person dialogues
      General, logistical, and conversational suggestions for St. Nicholas
      Treats Updated!
      Simple, affordable St. Nicholas treats

St. Nicholas Feast Day: Neighborhood Party
St. Nicholas for outreach and service

Picture Your Child with St. Nicholas
Plan for a simple event from Alternatives

St Nicholas Visits—Keeping the Tradition Alive
Photos and details of visits from around the world

More ideas for churches 

Updated! A spirited presentation by James Gooden at Grace St. Pauls Episcopal Church, Tucson, Arizona
13 minutes

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