St. Nicholas

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 St. Nicholas Monuments in Belgium

St. Nicholas, particularly beloved in Flanders, is found in many places besides churches. Click for larger images.

A large statue of St. Nicholas stands in front of the Town Hall in Sint-Niklaas, where he is the city's patron saint. The statue was installed in 1996.

Dandoy Biscuiterie, accross the street from Eglise Saint-Nicolas, specializes in speculoos biscuits. During Sinterklaas season, they offer large and small cookies molded as Saint-Nicolas. The two statues in the shop show Saint Nicholas as the patron saint of children and bakers.

Medieval guilds built their houses around the Brussels town square. Rebuilt following the French bombardment in 1695, strict standards were in place yielding uniiformity of style. The Grand Place stone houses were identified by name, shown by a small statue or other part of the decoration. The Fox was the house of the Traders Guild, with a statue of Saint Nicolas on top—the patron saint of merchants. The original 1883 statue was in storage for ten years, then restored and placed in Saint Nicolas Church. A replica was made for the Guild House and installed June 2018.

The statue of St. Nicolaas, St Nicolaas Plaats, is in the courtyard with the merchants' guild Sint-Nicolaasgodshuis (church), founded in 1422. The statue tops the water pump.

St. Nicholas is above the entrance arch to the pub Au Bon Vieux Temps at 4 Saint-Nicolas/Sint-Niklaas street.

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