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 St. Nicholas Candy Bar Wrappers—in the UK

These cute wrappers are sized for four different size Cadbury Dairy Milk bars: 110 gram; 45 gram; 36 gram (come in 4-bar packs) and Miniature Family Milk Chocolage bars 11 gram (come forty to a bag). The miniature bars will stand up (the paper is also too bulky to fold up the bottom end). The larger bars do not stand up.

St. Nicholas could hand these out or they could make cute table decorations.

Candy Bar Wrappers for the USA


            • Cadbury Dairy Milk bars of your choice
              -Full size 2 7/8 x 6-inches (110g) or Marvelous Creations
              -Regular 1 3/8 x 4 3/4-inches (45g)
              -4-pack 1 1/4 x 4 1/8-inches (36g)
              -Miniature 7/8 x 1 1/2-inch (11g) available seasonally only
            • Print wrapper PDFs (below) to fit bars; for good color use bright white inkjet paper and "best" print quality ("normal" quality sometimes leaves unwanted horizontal lines)
              PDF files fit A4 paper
            • Paper cutter, trimmer, or scissors
            • Tape


            • Cut out printed rectangles
            • Fold ends of wrapper down snuggly, tape to bar; for 45g and 36g bars, pinch the flap ends in so they don't stick out; tape ends of miniatures onto the "front" bumpy side
            • Put printed piece right side down
            • Put flat side of candy bar down on the back of printed piece
              Full size Dairy Milk (110g) may be placed front side down as they are smoother than the others
              For bar placement follow instructions on PDF
            • Bring sides to the back; turn over to check that design is centered on bar
            • Make sure stripes match up on the back; tape in place
            • Fold up bottom end, secure with tape
            • With front facing you, fold a triangle down on each side to form miter
            • Secure with small piece of tape, if needed
pdf imagePDF for full size bars, 110g pdf imagePDF for miniatures, 11g
pdf imagePDF for 45g bars pdf imagePDF for 36g bars
Dairy Milk bar, finished wrappers
Dairy Milk bar with taped ends;
Back & front of finished wrapper
St Nicholas candy bar wrappers
All four sizes of finished bars

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