St. Nicholas

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 St. Nicholas Celebration—for Church, School, Diocese, or other Group

A comprehensive all-day event with activities, stories, lunch, a special visitor (!), and a closing festive Eucharist. Participants bring specified items to aid those in need, thus carrying out St. Nicholas spirit. Many ideas to pick and choose to make your own special celebration. Links to resources below.


10:00 am Arrival
     Deposit books, food, new toys—whatever has been requested to help others
         Important for the spirit of St. Nicholas
     Individual greeting and making name tags
10:10 Welcome
     Video or PowerPoint
     Song: Jolly Old St. Nicholas, traditional tune, stanza 1
               Sing several times so it can be sung to bring St. Nicholas in later
                   Jolly old St. Nicholas
                   On this happy day
                   You bring joy and happiness,
                   Hear us as we say,
                   Teach us how to be like you
                   Loving, showing care;
                   Sharing gifts, we celebrate
                   Joy beyond compare.
10:25 Activity Stations
12:00 noon Lunch
12:30 Activity Stations continue, if needed
  1:00 Special Visit: Song and Entry
  2:00 St. Nicholas Festival Eucharist

St Nicholas with Books sign
Table for book donations
Opening welcome
Watching video
Video: St. Nicholas
Room set up
Room set up with Display Kit panels and Activity Stations

Activity Stations

Cut and Paste St. Nicholas
A simple craft, make either whole figure or just head

Craft St Nicholas
Cut & Paste St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas Coloring Pictures
Choose from 25 to print

Coloring table
St. Nicholas Coloring pictures
Coloring St. Nicholas Pictures

Make both small miters and miters big enough to wear!

Miter folding
Miter-folding, large & small
Miter folding
Folding a miter
Reading about St Nicholas
Reading about St Nicholas

St. Nicholas Rubbings
Three designs

St Nicholas rubbings
Making St. Nicholas rubbings
St Nicholas rubbings
St Nicholas rubbings

St. Nicholas Puzzles
Four strip puzzles, either make or use from our kit
How to be a St. Nicholas
Talk about being a St. Nicholas—a helper for others

St Nicholas Puzzles
St. Nicholas Puzzles
Be a St Nicholas
How to be a St. Nicholas!

Giant St. Nicholas Coloring Poster
Big poster from France, in our shop

Group coloring poster
Coloring large poster
Coloring poster detail


Lunch Table
Lunch Table
Lunch time!


St. Nicholas Coin Toss
Toss money bags into the chimney---chocolate coins are the prize!

Coin Toss Game
St. Nicholas Coin Toss

Will he make it?

Roll for St. Nicholas
Draw St. Nicholas with the roll of a die

Roll for St Nicholas Game
Roll for St. Nicholas
Playing game

St. Nicholas Visit
Sing the St. Nicholas song to beckon St. Nicholas to appear. The good saint tells his story and talks with each child as he gives out special little treats

St Nicholas enters
St Nicholas enters, as song is sung
St Nicholas Song
Singing St. Nicholas in, must be loud enough to bring the saint
Saint talking
Talking with children

St. Nicholas gives treats

Simple treat bags filled with little St. Nicholas gifts—some candy, some information, and more.

St Nicholas treat basket
Treat Basket
Treat bags
Treats reinforce information about St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas Festival Eucharist
A special all-ages liturgy

Gathered around the font
Gathered around the Font and Advent Wreath
Gospel Reading
The Gospel Reading
The Homily

Room Set-up

Table with nametags and markers
Table for requested donations (books, toys, food, etc.)
Activity stations ready
AV equipment, as needed
Lunch preparation
"Bishop's" Chair for St. Nicholas visit
Treat basket


     Simple Cut-and-Paste St. Nicholas
     Coloring Pages to print
     Miter-folding, also in the Activity Kit
     Rubbings from St. Nicholas Center Activity Kit
     St. Nicholas Puzzles to make, also in the Activity Kit
     Be a Helper Like St. Nicholas cards to print
     Giant St. Nicholas Coloring Poster, in our shop
     St. Nicholas Coin Toss
     Roll for St. Nicholas
     PowerPoint: An Intoduction to Saint Nicholas
     PowerPoint: Now We Call Him Santa Claus
     Video: St. Nicholas, three minute introductory video, St. Nicholas Activity Kit
     St. Nicholas Festival Eucharist
     Treat Bags, filled with inexpensive St. Nicholas items
          St. Nicholas Prayer Cards, in our shop
          Be a St. Nicholas Helper cards to print
          St. Nicholas information cards to print
          Stickers to print for St. Nicholas chocolate coins
          St. Nicholas stickers, in our shop
          St. Nicholas buttons, in our shop
          Small candy croziers (candy canes)
     St. Nicholas Napkins, in our shop
     St. Nicholas Center Display Kit (wall panels)
     St. Nicholas Center Activity Kit (Video, rubbings, puzzles, miter-folding)
     Ready-to-Use St. Nicholas Publicity Materials, Word files to personalize
     PDFs to print—signs and instructions for tables; print on heavy cover stock
          Activity Station Table signs stand up with 2 5-inch easel backs 
          Simple Cut and Paste St. Nicholas
          St. Nicholas Coin Toss
     Instructions to print for miter-folding and Roll for St. Nicholas are on their webpages

Photos by C. Myers from the Episcopal Diocese of Western Michigan, Grace Episcopal Church, Holland, Michigan, and St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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