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 Church Year Resources for Families

We've been asked to share the ways our family has kept the church year. Our simple liturgies will be added, along with visuals and food showing some of our traditions. That will take some time, though, as I didn't take photos!

Advent wreath Christmas babe Epiphany star Ash cross Paschal candle Dove

Church Year People

We are Advent people—
      keeping watch for the comings of the Lord,

We are Christmas people—
      celebrating God-with-us,

We are Epiphany people—
      showing forth God's presence in the world,

We are Lenten people—
      turning from death to life,

We are Easter people—
      rejoicing for God makes all things new,

We are Pentecost people—
      growing by the power of the Holy Spirit,

We are Church Year people—
      living in God's time.
                                           —Carol Myers

Advent wreath Christmas babe Epiphany star Ash cross Paschal candle Dove

Why the church year?

What Jesus Christ did for all people is described in the Bible and dramatized in the church year. It forms an annual curriculum telling the full story of God's work for our slavation. People who understand the church year know the Christian story.

 Traditions do more than teach, they express faith. As Tevye said, "Because of our traditions every one of us knows who he is and what God expects him to do. Traditions! Without our traditions our lives would be a shaky as a fiddler on the roof!"

The church year hallows the ways God is present with us in our own time. All of our experiences of longing, waiting, fulfillment, joy, self-examination, doubt and growth find expression in this annual cycle. Each year our experiences find new expression in the themes and texts of the church year, keeping the church year fresh.

The rhythm of repeated seasons celebrates varied themes and moods, prevents monotony and affirms the experiences of daily life.

Finally, there is a wealth of customs from around the world to enrich our own observances.

Celebrate God in time—God in our lives!

Tips for Starting Church Year Celebration in the Home
A Resolve to Practice Faith at Home
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Church year clip art from Clip Art for Feasts and Seasons, Celebrations and Service, by Gertrud Mueller Nelson, Liturgical Press, 1996
Over 700 black-and-white images (tiff and EPS formats) for liturgical celebrations, school activities, and works of ministry.
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