St. Nicholas

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 Count Down to St. Nicholas Day
with Bobbi Bear

by Monica Maas

Bobbi, popular Dutch children's book character, counts down the days from November 9 to St. Nicholas Day, December 6th! Dutch children celebrate on the eve of the day, December 5, children in other places celebrate on December 6.

Here are three versions:

1) Print the full-color top PDF and mark off the days;
2) Print the second and color the figures to mark the days;
3) For a completely black and white version, print the last one and color to mark the days.

For best results print best quality on letter-size (or A4) bright white paper. Put the calendar on the refrigerator or other handy place as you prepare for St. Nicholas Day.

Count down calendar from popular Dutch children's book character Bobbi, by Monica Maas. The calendar was originally distributed with a special edition of Bobbi Viert Sinterklaas, Kluitman, 2012. Used by permission.

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