St. Nicholas

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 St. Nicholas Ideas for Home Decor

St. Nicholas Symbol Centerpiece
from Berry Branble Cottage

Klausenbaum or Nicholas Tree
traditional German custom

Festive Table for St. Nicholas Day
from Gertrud Mueller Nelson 

Decorations for Saint Nicholas Day
from A Merry Christmas Herbal

A Wreath for St. Nicholas Day
from Caprilands Herb Farm

Wreth with decorations
Advent wreath with St. Nicholas "gold balls."
Photo: Gertrud Mueller Nelson, who's introduced so many to St. Nicholas
Honeycomb St Nicholas
Dutch honeycomb centeripiece decoration
Table decorations
St. Nicholas Day table from the Sfarra family in Ringgold, Pennsylvania
Baskets are filled with traditional nuts, cookies, breads, chocolates and an orange
Table decorations
St. Nicholas Day!
Photo: D Baker, used by permission

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