St. Nicholas

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St. Nicholas Figures to Make

The patterns and instructions for most of these projects are in easy-to-print PDF files.

To print patterns:
• Click on a picture below, then click the Adobe printicon:Print Icon
• If you have trouble downloading the file, right-click on the image below and choose "Save target as..." to save it. Then open the PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader (free from Adobe's website) Get Adobe Reader and print it following the tips below.

Patterns may be printed for use with non-profit groups making art and craft projects. For all other uses, please request permission from Thank you.

Bright Stand-Up St. Nicholas
2 designs!

Easy Cut-and-Paste St. Nicholas, either face or full-figure

Print St Nicholas
Stand-up or ornament
Color or black/white

St. Nicholas Stand-up

St. Nicholas (made from cardboard tube)

Origami Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas Spoon Saint
Origami St. Nicholas
St. Nicholas
(made out of clay pots)

St. Nicholas Tootsie Pops (2 designs)
Turn Chocolate Santa into St. Nicholas
Apple St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas Cut-out

St. Nicholas Roll-Up

Stand-up print or color St. Nicholas 

 Make a 
St. Nicholas
3-D Picture! 

St. Nicholas Laminated Ornament

Svaty Mikuláš (Window Decoration)

St. Nicholas Clip-ons
(3 designs)

Byzantine St. Nicholas Clip-ons
(3 designs)

 Dress St. Nicholas
Color, cut & glue

St. Nicholas Scene
Print in color or b/w

St. Nicholas from a Pringles can

St. Nicholas Color & Cut Out Play Set

Three sheets

 Make Lego St. Nicholas—2 ways!

 Turn Playmobil Santa into St. Nicholas

  Pumpkin St. Nick

Peg St. Nicholas

The clay pot, stand-up, cut-out, window decoration, clip-on, and paper tube St. Nicholases were designed by B. A. Kissinger* | Copyright © 2002 St. Nicholas Center
May be printed for use with non-profit groups making art and craft projects. For all other uses, please request permission from

St. Nicholas Roll-up from Sint's Kleur-en Spelletjes Boek, WH, the Netherlands

St. Nicholas Play Set designed by Jeanne Hebbelynck, Belgium ca. 1950

St. Nicholas from a Pringles can is from Jo Clausen, Aquinas School, Woodbridge, Virginia.

Book cover*Barbara Kissinger has a new book, Christmas Past, Pelican Publishing, 2005. Richly illustrated with more than two hundred images from her extensive collection of Christmas memorabilia, the text gives Christmas celebration history and customs from around the world. Purchase from, or

Tips for accurate PDF printing

For Adobe Reader 7.0
In the Adobe Print dialog box, check these boxes: Check these two boxes: Auto-Rotate and Center & Choose Paper Source by PDF page size
For Adobe Reader 8.0
If you are having trouble printing, try clicking on "Advanced" then "Print as Image."

For older versions
In the Adobe Print dialog box, make sure the boxes for Shrink oversized pages to paper size and Expand small pages to paper size are NOT checked. (In some versions the option is Page Scaling: NONE, click to find Fit to pages and Shrink large pages.)

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