St. Nicholas

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Looking for a St. Nicholas?

Would you like to find a St. Nicholas for your church, school or family event? Here is our directory of experienced St. Nicholases. Some are also experienced professional Santas. Click for larger photos.

This directory is to assist you in finding someone to be your St. Nicholas. We are not able to give endorsements; you need to do your own reference checking.


  • Santa Claus

    Alaska: North Pole

    Visits churches during November & December; transforms from saint to Santa, emphasizing the birth of Christ and the gift of love


  • St. Nicholas Updated!

    Tom Campbell

    California: Elk Grove, greater Sacramento area

    Church, Sunday school, or home visits


  • Saint Nicholas

    Russ Mortensen

    California: Santa Rosa & area

    Experienced St. Nicholas for churches, community presence, too


  • St. Nicholas Connecticut

    Don Burr

    Connecticut: Norwalk, Southwestern & Northwestern Connecticut

    Churches and other venues


  • Sinterklaas in Idaho

    Hans Bruijn

    Idaho: Treasure Valley (Boisie, Nampa area)

    Experienced Sinterklaas for churches, schools, senior centers, and individual visits


  • St. Nicholas of Chicagoland

    Todd van Alstyne

    Illinois: Chicago area

    Available for private parties and church events, etc., in November & December; experienced


  • Santa from Santa's Village

    Phil Wenz

    Illinois: Chicago area and beyond

    Professional Santa for over 25 years; "Chicago's Own", year-around at Santa's Village in Dundee, IL; St. Nicholas in Chicago area churches & central Illinois


  • St. Nicholas Indianapolis

    Melvin Seitz

    Indiana: Indianapolis area

    St. Nicholas programs in churches and other venues


  • Wey Santa

    Thomas Sheerin

    Massachusetts: Boston to the South Shore

    Available for church, school and home events, daycare and nursing homes, too. Has been a professional Santa for 25 years.


  • Santa will Travel

    Norm Gerring

    Michigan: Detroit area and beyond

    Experienced professional Santa, church, school or anyone interested in St. Nicholas; Breakfast with St. Nicholas; program: St. Nicholas to Santa, When, Where and How


  • Detroit's "Father Christmas"

    Joseph Marquis

    Michigan: Detroit area, will travel

    Television & radio; schools, churches

    Professional Santa for 41 years; annual shows as St. Nicholas at Bronner's Christmas Store in Frankenmuth; also portrays Eastern Byzantine St. Nicholas


  • Kelly Williams

    Mississippi: Vicksburg area

    Churches, schools, service clubs, etc.

    Has brought St. Nicholas in Stephenville and Brownwood, Texas


  • St. Louis Signing Santa

    James George

    Missouri: St. Louis

    20 years experience; visits to homes, offices, schools, church groups, social groups, and especially to children, of course.


  • St. Louis St. Nicholas

    Mark Westhoff

    Missouri: St. Louis; Metro St. Louis

    Experienced 25-year St. Nicholas, will visit churches, schools, homes and more


  • St. Nicholas Updated!

    Michael Sacilowski

    New York: Cheektowaga, serve Buffalo and western New York

    Schools, churches; have visited families, church, and school


  • Durham Santa

    Jim Hastings

    North Carolina: Durham area

    Church and organization visits


  • Santa Dennis

    Dennis Sedlak

    Ohio: Aurora & Northern Ohio to Akron

    Experienced Santa (8 years); available for churches, social groups or schools


  • Nicholas Claus

    Larry Trover

    Ohio: Columbus & central Ohio


    Not a regular bishop St. Nicholas, tells stories of Nicholas of Myra for churches, schools, other groups


  • Santa Ohio

    Dennis Blandon

    Ohio: Columbus area and beyond

    Experienced professional Santa, home & office visits, private parties, receptions & corporate functions, special needs visits, civic & non-profit events


  • Santa Richard Knapp

    Richard Knapp

    Ohio: Etna and greater Columbus

    Professional Santa, Columbus Zoo & Aquarium


  • St. Nicholas

    Tim Nealeigh

    Ohio: Greenville and central Ohio

    Visits churches, schools, organizations, museum, and historic sites; tells about St. Nicholas and distributes chocolate gold coins, prayer cards, and more; ten years experience


  • Santa Anthony

    Anthony Perzynski

    Ohio: Toledo area

    Experienced Santa and St Nicholas, available for churches, schools, religious groups and other organizaitons


  • SantaClaus Oklahoma

    Bill Kenney

    Oklahoma: Oklahoma City; central Oklahoma and beyond

    Churches, schools, day-cares, and public appearances; experienced as St. Nicholas


  • St. Nicholas

    Timothy Eisert

    Pennsylvania: Harborcreek and greater Erie area

    Experienced St. Nicholas for churches, nursing homes, and more


  • Gift Giver of Myra

    Ron Hendricks

    Texas (Leander): Metropolitan Austin & Central Texas

    Experienced, professional Santa, will do schools, churches, Christmas parties, Sunday scools


  • Santa Paul

    Paul Zimmermann

    Texas: Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding area

    Experienced Santa does St. Nicholas for Sunday School programs, school events, church events for All Saints and Advent; Safe Environment Training, Diocese of Dallas, 2015


  • Saint Nicholas

    John Nickles

    Texas: Northeast & Oklahoma: Southwest

    Experienced professional Santa and St. Nicholas; Church and school visits, community events, home, hospital or nursing home visits (Hospice), charity and not-for-profit events, family and corporate parties, ceremonies, parades, tree lightings, advertising and Ppomotional work


  • Santa Steve

    Steve Zawisa

    Virginia: Fredericksburg

    Professional Santa; will visit homes, schools, churches, companies and more


  • St. Nicholas and Elizabeth Ann Seton

    Richard & Patti Spencer

    Virginia: Warrenton, 70 mile radius (Arlington Diocese)

    Home, school, chuch events, outdoor, too, weather permitting; doing St Nicholas since 2005; Sunday School programs, etc., appropriate to season (All Saints, Advent); certified Child Safe by the Arlington Diocese


  • West Virginia's Santa

    John Johnson

    West Virginia: Kanawha Valley and beyond

    Experienced professional Santa; home, church, school, organization or community visits


  • St. Nicholas of Wisconsin "Patron Saint of Sailors" Updated!

    David Wiedenkeller

    Wisconsin: Racine, serving south and central Wisconsin

    Church groups, assemblies, schools, retirement communities, and other public functions; 10 years experience giving historical character presentations for all ages


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  • St. John's Santa

    Bruce Templeton

    Newfoundland: St. John's

    Professional Santa and St. Nicholas for over thirty years; official Santa in St. John's


  • Santa Edson

    Carlo Klemm

    Alberta: Edson, serving west central Alberts, including Edson, Hinton & Jasper

    Experienced professional Santa, over five years experience, including parades, breakfasts and more


  • St. Nicholas

    Bruce Kotowich

    Ontario: Windsor

    Experienced St. Nicholas, churches and other venues


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