St. Nicholas

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 St. Nicholas Monuments in Germany

St. Nicholas is often honored in Germany as patron saint of fishermen and sailors with monuments erected in towns and harbors. Click for larger images.

The statue of St. Nicolaas with children is on a fountain outside the St. Nikolaus parish church.

Two houses in Andernach have prominent St. Nicholas shrines, a reminder of the devotion to St. Nicholas in this river town. One of the Franciscan monastery churches, the Minoritenkirche St. Nikolaus, was built from 1350-1450 and dedicated to St. Nicholas. This statue is on a house on the town square. The statue was restored in 1841.

This statue is on a house close to the medieval gate near the Rhine river.

St. Nicholas stands at one of the little harbors connected with the Rhine; Duisburg has Europe's largest inland Rhine harbor. The statue is by artist Wolf Spitzer.

Duisburg statue
Photos: Marcus Vankan
Duisburg statue
Duisburg statue


This statue of St. Nicholas commemorates a small Medieval gate of St. Nicholas on Straße Horsteberg that was near the Dom church. Münster is near Oberhausen.

This statue by Harro Frey was placed outside the Ebermannstadt Parish Church St. Nikolaus in 1989.

The people of Amsterdam gave this statue of St. Nicholas to a hostel for pilgrims in Kevelaer. The statue was from De Liefde, a church dedicated to Ss Nicolaas & Barbara, that was razed in 1990.

The statue of St. Nicolaas is on a private apartment above a confiserie and konditorei.

St. Nikolaus, on the Commerzbank building, is across from the Porta Nigra. The Porta Nigra (Black Gate in Latin) is the largest Roman city gate north of the Alps. It is a World Heritage Site.

The statue of St. Nicolaas in Trier's Rheinland Platz.

The Roman Bridge over the Moselle in Trier has a statue of St. Nicolaas on the fifth pillar from the west. This is the third Roman bridge on the site, built in AD 144-152. During the Middle Ages stone replaced the wood structure on the pillars. After the bridge was blown up in 1689, the crucifix and St. Nicholas statue were installed when the bridge was repaired.

St. Nikolaus, patron saint of seafarers, stands guard on the River Severin, close to the Severinsbrücke.

Sülz (Cologne)
St. Nikolaus statue identifies the St. Nikolaus parish hall that provides day care for young children.

St. Nikolaus, patron saint of river boatmen, on the bridge over the Main River. There are six statues on the bridge.

The statue of St. Nicolaas,patron saint of river boatmen, is on the bridge over the Rhine, connecting Niederemmel with Piesport.

The statue of St. Nicolaas with children is across from the St. Nikolaus Kirche, at the entrance to a shop for wooden toys and nativity sets. It is carved from a tree trunk.

St. Nikolaus, patron saint of riverboatmen, is shown blessing a captain, ship and those pulling the boat along the river Mosel. The 1980 fresco is on a house on the main street.

St. Niklolaustrasse has a statue of St. Nikolaus.

On the Mosel, near Bernkastel-Kues
The Altes Fährhaus zum Hl. St. Nikolaus is along the Mosel where the ferry used to cross to Rachtig. Built in the 1700s, it provided a safe place to wait for the ferry. The Marian Brotherhood in Rachtig carried out renovations in 2010.

The statue of St. Nicolaas is in a fountain.

St Nikolaus in fountain
Photo: Neuerburg

In 1999 the church choir of St. Nikolaus Kirche, Konz, dedicated the refurbished way station to deceased members of the choir. The shrine also ommemorated the 50th Wine Festival, the 40th anniversary of Konz, and 750 documented years of grape propagation. The statue is unique as it portrays the saint with a bunch of grapes. Following vandalism damaging the hand, crozier, and nose, the statue was repaired in 2012. On the following weekend the metal grid was bent and the statue completely smashed. The church choir has again repaired the shrine and it was inaugurated in 2013.

Hamm (Konz)

Hamm, on road coming into Hamm
St. Nikolaus as a wayside presence.

The wayside shrine is near Cochem.

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