St. Nicholas

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How to Celebrate

Why Celebrate St. Nicholas Day?
December 6 or December 19 on the Julian Calendar

St Nicholas with children
Illustration from envelope, Bar-le-Duc, France
St. Nicholas Center Collection
• To learn about the true Santa Claus and Father Christmas: St. Nicholas, a man of faith who lived his life in devotion to Christ
• To focus on giving more than receiving: St. Nicholas cared for the needy
• To emphasize small treats and family fun: St. Nicholas loved children
• To provide a bit of special festivity early in the waiting weeks of Advent: St. Nicholas points to Jesus, the heart of Christmas
• To offer a spiritual dimension to gift giving
• To tell the story of a Christian saint, whose model life inspires compassion and charity
• To honor St. Nicholas honors the Christ Child who selflessly gave the greatest gift of all—himself
Nativity of St. Nicholas
Nativity of St. Nicholas, St. Nicholas Hussite Church, Prague
St. Nicholas Center Collection

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Celebrate at Church 
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B.C. cartoon by Johnny Hart
BC ©2004 Creators Syndicate, Inc. By permission of John L. Hart FLP, and Creators Syndicate, Inc.

Resources for Celebrating St. Nicholas

Bishop of Dover, Trevor Willmott, has this message about St. Nicholas and Christmas:

Video from the Diocese of Canterbury

"Well, it is obvious here where I am, here in city centre celebrating Saint Nicholas. Here he is, the great man himself. Because Nicholas takes us to the heart of Christmas, doesn’t it? St. Nicholas reminds us of God’s love, God coming amongst the ordinariness of us, arriving amongst the noise and sound ready for us to set out on our journey. My wish for all of us as we come to Christmas this year mindful of cracks in our society, mindful of people in need, because let’s not forget those who are hungry and homeless this Christmas. But in the heart of all this God comes and says, “You are my children. I love you. Serve my folk.” So all of us here in city centre of Canterbury wish to hold onto God’s love and God’s presence this coming Christmastide."

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