St. Nicholas

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 St. Nicholas in his Study—jigsaw puzzle

by Scott Gustafson

Saint Nick sits reading letters to Santa amidst reminders that go back through the centuries illustrating many of the ways he's been commemorated and visualized. The original painting has over fifty of these visual references to Saint Nicholas and/or Santa Claus.

The painting has been issued again as a family jigsaw puzzle by Cobble Hill Puzzle Company. The puzzle picture is a little smaller than the original print and has thirty-seven images related to Saint Nicholas. As a family puzzle, it has large, medium and small pieces so people of different ages and skill can work the puzzle together. We've created a key to help identify the St. Nicholas symbols and images. There is also a simple key for the larger print in case you have a print without an explanation of the symbols.

St Nicholas in his Study by Scott Gustafson
Puzzle key
Puzzle key PDF
Puzzle key
Print key PDF

St. Nicholas in his Study by Scott Gustafson, Family Puzzle from Cobble Hill Puzzle Company
Family puzzle with small, medium and large pieces; 24 x 18 inches

Purchase from or

The earlier jigsaw puzzle with 1000 pieces (19¼ x 26 ½ inches) from Great American Puzzle Factory can often be found on the secondary market, e.g. eBay, etc.

The limited edition print by Scott Gustafson, from the Greenwich Workshop, is available from GalleryDirectArt and World Wide Art.

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