St. Nicholas

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Lesson Plans


Children drawing on easel
Belgian postcard
St Nicholas Center Collection

St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, a lesson plan
     from FOCUS Education, Orthodox Church in America
St. Nicholas Day Ideas
     Suggestions for lesson or community event
A Classroom & Family Life Activity for St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra
     A simple lesson plan
Lessons for the Feast of St. Nicholas
     Elementary level lessons for one or two class periods
Virtues in Practice: Generosity
     Month-long emphasis for Pre-kindergarten & kindergarten
St. Nicholas Research Project for 8th Grade
     Three-week project
St. Nicholas—Sharing the Gift
     A lesson plan for youth groups from ALTERNATIVES
Ideas for using St. Nicholas Across the Curriculum by Susan Jordan
     Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Enrichment
Show God's Love: St. Nicholas of Myra in Lycia—Lesson plans for five levels
from the Christian Education Department, Orthodox Church in America—easily adaptible for other traditions
     Junior (7-9)
     Intermediate (10-12)
     Senior (13-17)
Youth Group Session
Discussion guideline and activities comparing Santa & St. Nicholas

Stories for classroom use
Discussion Ideas
Classroom Activities

More Helpful Ideas

Plays, Skits & Scripts
St. Nicholas Craft Projects
Stories & Poems
Symbols of St. Nicholas
Props to use with St. Nicholas Stories
Ideas for St. Nicholas treats
Ideas FROM Teachers
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