St. Nicholas

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 St. Nicholas Monuments in Italy

St. Nicholas is found in many places besides churches. Click for larger images.

Russia with the artist, Zurab Tsereteli, President of the Russian Arts Academy, gave the Russian Orthodox statue of Saint Nicholas Wonderworker to Bari in 2003. It stands diagonally across the piazza from the Basilica di San Nicola.

Nicolaiano street mural by OZMO, who is one of the most famous graffiti artists in Europe, is located on the Via Quintino Sella. The mural is part of the city's "Fresh Flâneurs" project. The three images invite passersby to identify with at least one of the images of San Nicola. The department of architectural and landscape cultural heritage requested the removal of the mural. The mayor of Bari has defended the street art, stating it is of value to the city of Bari.

Meran / Merano
The statue of St. Nicolaas is near the Saint Nicholas Church in Meran.

Photos: Christiane De Coster, Belgium

The statue of San Nicolò was placed in Lake Como harbor in 1955. The tradition in Lecco shows apples to symbolize St. Nicholas' generosity; the three apples are on the statue's vestments. When Lecco children awake on St. Nicholas Day, they find a nice big shiny red apple, a sign of St. Nicholas' good will and generosity. The statue was taken up by helicopter in 2013 for extensive renovation and repair to the base.

Borghetto dei Pescatori, Lido di Ostia
The statue of St. Nicholas, a gift from Trani, was originally at the wooden St Nicholas Church. Borghetto dei Pescatori is a fishing village, settled in 1890. The waterfront was redeveloped in 1931 and the statue placed among new housing for the fishermen.

San Giorgio
The Translation of St. Nicholas' relics is commemorated on the San Giorgio harbor. The sailors bringing the bones from Myra stopped in San Giorgio on May 8, 1087. There they built a new reliquary to use on arival in Bari the next day.

Surcola Marsicana
Monte S. Nicola towers above the town of Surcola Marsicana, Abruzzo. The mountain isn't a monument, but is still worth noting.

St. Nicholas Shrines in Bari, Italy

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