St. Nicholas

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More About St. Nicholas

Santa & St. Nicholas
      Are they the same?

Reasons to Love Saint Nicholas

What Does It Take to Be a Saint, Anyway?
      Written by kids for kids

Kids' Prayers to Saint Nicholas
      From Saints for Kids by Kids

N is for Nicholas!
      Alphabet Nicholas

St. Nicholas in Storyland
      Which storybook characters know St. Nicholas?

Giant Lego Sinterklaas!
      Made from 34,814 Lego bricks

The St. Nick Strut!
      Video from comedy Team Marco Polo looks at St. Nicholas Day

St. Nicholas
      Written for children a very long time ago—in 1875!

Kids Dress-up as St. Nicholas
      Kids can be St. Nicholas, too

Send St. Nicholas e-cards to your friends!
      Choose from 12 designs—

Rotating images: Eve Savary, Musée d'art et d'histoire, Fribourg, Switzerland. Used by permission.

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