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We updated to a new platform in 2011. Here are changes that make the site make the site more user-friendly and functional.

• The top navigation is moved from above the banner to below the banner, making it easier to access.

• Page urls are now meaningful "slugs," instead of pageID numbers. For example:
If you used numbers to find new pages, you can still do that (/pages/1125).

• Bookmarks and links to pages will take you to current pages. Links to gallery,  gazetteer and event pop-up boxes and direct links to images need to be updated.

• Some sections have been reorganized; whenever a section gets too big, it is divided into smaller segments to make it easier for you to find what you want.  Book lists have been completely redone, with images for nearly all.

• Broken links are nearly all fixed and will be kept up-to-date. (Link checkers couldn't check the gazetteer on the old platform.)

Search Box • The new site search is more robust, listing results by category:
Articles | Lists | Gallery | Churches | Visits | Art
Searches are not case sensitive. More search info and tips
New Search • The New Search lists all new and updated articles and lists for the current year. The NewSearch link is on the right sidebar on nearly all pages and links from the search results page. If you want to go to it directly the address is /pages/newsearch/
Find us on Facebook • Now the new site is live, significant or interesting updates will be posted on our Facebook page. To get updates join us on Facebook.
Print page • Print format is now automatic; no more clicking "print version" to get a nice looking article, without navigation columns. The banner only prints on the first page.
Glossary words • Glossary words now print in regular type, not the site glossary color. And, an added bonus, glossary words are now generated automatically, making them more consistent.
Pop-up image • We are now using a lightbox for our pop-up images.
Most site photos and illustrations click to a larger version;
they will show above the greyed out page.
All linked images on the page may be clicked through in sequence.
Google Translator • The Google translator is now nicely positioned at the top of the right sidebar on every page. It translates into fifty-two languages. It works even if the Google Toolbar translate feature doesn't work in your browser.
reCaptcha • We are using reCaptcha to prevent our forms being used by spammers and hackers. reCaptcha uses words from scanned books; by typing them we help digitize old texts.

Those are the most obvious changes. There are others, mostly affecting inner site workings, making it easier and more efficient to update.

Please email if you find things that aren't right. The site is HUGE and, even though I've gone through it carefully a number of times, there are things that have been missed. So, please do let us know if you find things that are not right—missing images, duplicate article titles, garbled text, wrong fonts, words wrongly showing glossary defnitions (such as "see" as a verb, rather than the noun), etc.

Thank you ever so much! I hope you enjoy our changes and continue to visit

Carol Myers
St. Nicholas Center
Easter 2011

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