St. Nicholas

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St. Nicholas Printable Notecard

by Veronica Jarski

Here is a super-easy, quick idea to easily share with neighbors, friends, or co-workers on St. Nicholas Day!

Notecard envelope with treats


• Letter-size paper
• PDF to print see below
• Crayons, colored pencils, or markers
• Scissors
• Tape or roll-on adhesive
• Chocolate "gold" coins and/or mini candy canes


1) Print PDFs, as many as needed
2) Color envelope and prayer card insert
3) Cut out large rectangle for envelope and small one for card insert
4) Fold envelope on the two horizontal lines
5) Use roll-on adhesive or tape to secure envelope sides
6) Put card, chocolate coin/s and candy cane inside
7) Share!
Card insert

By Veronica Jarski, Paper Dali, used by permission.

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