St. Nicholas

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Prayers for St. Nicholas
Pachuta Icon
St Nicholas Icon, 2000

Iconographer: Jack Pachuta
Used by permission



Liturgical Prayers
     Prayers, collects and litanies from Anglican, Byzantine Catholic, Roman Catholic, Russian Orthodox, Lutheran and Protestant traditions
     Prayer for the Administration of Saint Nicholas Manna

Prayers for Children, Schools, & Families 

Novena, Rosary, Chaplet and Caminata Prayers

Breath Prayer, Centering Prayer, or Aspiration

     St. Nicholas, glorious Confessor of Christ, assist us in thy loving kindness.

Classic Prayers
     Intercession to Saint Nicholas, Saint Anselm (1093–1109)
     Liturgical Sequence Beati Nicolai: Congaudentes exsultemus (11th century)
     Suffrage to Saint Nicholas (16th century)
     Suffrages to Saint Nicholas, Book of Hours of Henry VIII (ca 1500)
     Prayer of Petition to St. Nicholas, Pope Gregory XVI (19th century) 

Boy Bishop Prayers
     Prayer for Installation of Boy Bishop
     Intercessions for Boy Bishop

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