St. Nicholas

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 St. Nicholas Print-Your-Own 2-inch Stickers

Make professional quality St. Nicholas stickers!
Eight designs—print an assortment or select just one.

Use stickers to seal Christmas cards, on place cards, to decorate napkins or packages or has gifts for kids. Please share your ideas with us!

Printed sticker sheet

Actual sticker size, 2-inches; PDF shows added 1/8-inch border to make print-to-the edge stickers


Avery Glossy White Print-to-the-Edge Round Labels (#22807), available from
This glossy sticker paper makes professional quality stickers; package of 10 sheets makes 120 2-inch stickers

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to print the PDF files.
See printing tips below.


Color Ink Jet printer


• Choose PDF file, below, to print; open file
• For best results set printer properties to "Best print quality" and "Bright White paper"
• Print PDF file on sticker sheet; stickers will print a scant 1/8-inch beyond sticker edge, making a "print-to-the-edge" sticker

Click for 2 1/2-inch stickers
Click for 3-inch stickers

Use stickers to make:
Cupcake Toppers 

       St. Nicholas Kits

St. Nicholas Stickers are also available in our shop

Print sticker PDFs to make  magnets and edible cupcake toppers Updated!

Please tell us how you use the stickers! We'd love to see photos, too!

Tips for accurate PDF printing:
For Adobe Reader 7.0
In the Adobe Print dialog box, check these boxes:Check these two boxes: Auto-Rotate and Center & Choose Paper Source by PDF page size
For Adobe Reader 8.0
If you are having trouble printing, try clicking on "Advanced" then "Print as Image."

For older versions
In the Adobe Print dialog box, make sure the boxes for Shrink oversized pages to paper size and Expand small pages to paper size are NOT checked. (In some versions the option is Page Scaling: NONE, click to find Fit to pages and Shrink large pages.)

• If you're having trouble downloading the file, right-click on the image and choose "Save target as..." to save it. Then open the PDF with Acrobat Reader and print it following the above tips.

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