St. Nicholas

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 Make St. Nicholas from Santa Faces

Use our miter folding directions to make miters to transform different Santa items into St. Nicholas!

The popcorn tin and cocoa cone are from Target this year (2013).


                  • Light-weight, crisp red paper, for large squares
                    Pacon Fadeless Art Paper, 48-inches wide by the roll or by the length in educational or art supply stores or Hallmark Flip It Reversible Gift Wrap 40-inches wide x 9 yards,
                    or regular red wrapping paper roll for smaller squares
                  • Gold paper or poster board



                  • Measure the diameter of the chosen Santa face object
                  • A ratio of around 4.8 x the diameter works well (there is some flexibility as the sides may be folded in differing amounts
                  • For example, the popcorn tin (10½-in diameter) is shown with both a larger miter made from a 48-inch square, in the photo above and from a smaller 40-inch square below;
                    The gift bag, 5 ½x6½-inches), used a 20-inch square
                    The 3½-inch tin used a 16o-inch square
                    The cocoa cone, a 8½-inch square, slide the cocoa info card under the back of finished miter
                  • Cut a square of the needed size
                  • Print the step-by-step instruction sheet for each person
                  • The red side represents the right side; the light side represents the wrong side of the paper
                  • In step 5, fold the corners in to fit your object; it may help to measure one-half the distance around and mark that in the middle to guide your folding (this determines the size of the finished miter)
  • It may help to make it a little larger, then increase the fold until it fits,otherwise, if made larger, earlier folds will show
  • After folding the miter, decorate it with a cross cut-out
  • It is a little tricky at first, but once you've got it, they are simple to make


Origami Miters

Gift Bag, 20-in sq
Origami Miters

Popcorn Tin, 40-in sq
Origami Miters

Cocoa Cone, 8½-in sq
Origami Miters

Tin, 16-in sq

General Instruction PDF
Step-by-step Instructions PDF

Instructions may be printed for use with non-profit groups making art and craft projects. For all other uses, please request permission from

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