St. Nicholas

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St. Nicholas Stories

Introductory stories for children, folk tales, and much more

St Nicholas with angels
Italian Postcard
St Nicholas Center Collection

Basic Stories of Nicholas' Life
Especially for Classroom Use
Series Stories
Vintage Tellings
Stories Related to St. Nicholas

Basic Stories of Nicholas' Life

A St. Nicholas Story
     Why St. Nicholas comes each year by M. Meyerkort
The Real Santa
     A simple story by Carol Myers
St. Nicholas Gets the Goods
     Famine story by Katherine Pearce
Nicholas of Myra
     Introductory story by Kathryn Lucchese
Traditional St. Nicholas Stories and Legends
     Basic simple retellings of 35 St. Nicholas stories
The Life and Miracles of Saint Nicholas
     Interactive story painting with 31 vignettes
The Life of Saint Nicholas
     Told through the scenes of a hagiographic Orthodox icon 

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The Miracles of St. Nicholas: The Pious Man's Daughters and the Butcher's Boys 
     A real Story of the True St. Nick by cartoonist Calamity Jon
     Not a usual story, appropriate for upper elementary and middle schoolers
St. Nicholas versus Arius 
     Account of Nicholas at the Council of Nicaea by George Tautkus
     This is a comic, so expect a bit more than one punch!
The Klaubauf's Wager 
     A folk tale from Bavaria and Eastern Europe by Benito Cereno
Tio de Nadal
     A blending of folk tales from Catalonia by Benito Cereno

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Story Series

Nicholas: A Garland of Tales for the Nights before Christmas
     Adapted from Pamela Grenfell Smith
Six St. Nicholas Stories for the days before St. Nicholas Day, December 6
     Gentle stories in the Waldorf tradition by Christine Natale

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Vintage Tellings

The Three Purses
     by William S. Walsh, 1909
The St. Nicholas Festival 
     from Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates by Mary Mapes Dodge, 1865
St. Nicholas
     A children's story from 1875, from St. Nicholas: an Illustrated Magazine for Young Folks
Little Piccola
     A story by Frances Jenkins Olcott, 1914 & 1942
St. Nicholas for Children Updated!
     by F. H. Lee, 1940
The Story of Santa Claus Updated!
     from the 1940s or 50s

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Stories Related to St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas and the Star Children
     Gentle tale from the Waldorf tradition
The Little Nicholas
     Wonderfully wise modern tale
American Saint Nicolas, Wiltz, Luxembourg
     A story of grace and hope rooted in World War II
Another Christmas Carol 
     A modern story of the spirit of St. Nicholas
How St. Nicholas Chooses the Most Worthy for Gifts
     A tale of selflessness, retold by Michael Roman
St. Nicholas Becomes Santa Claus
     A fanciful tale by Edward Hays
The Miracle of the Great St. Nicolas
      Anatole France's satire twists the traditional salting-tub legend into a parable of unintended consequences that turn invented 'Bishop Nicholas of Trinqueballe' into a tragic Job-like figure

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Saint Nicholas of Myra in English and French
       from the Catholic Church of Quebec

Illustration from A Bakers' Dozen
Illustration from A Bakers' Dozen
See links for the author's adaptations for readers' theater and storytelling
Used by permission

Five stories for children from Anne Neuberger's St. Nicholas the Wonderworker
The Bakers' Dozen: A Saint Nicholas Tale, retold by Aaron Shepard, adapted for storytelling and for readers' theater by the author, from the beautifully illustrated picture book published by Atheneum, New York, 1995.
The Story of St. Nicholas a poem by Victor Hoagland, CP

Folk Tales
Stories for Classroom Use
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Traditional Stories & Legends
Classic Primary Sources
Life of St. Nicholas shown in images
Modern Miracles

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