St. Nicholas

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Especially for Teachers
Child's drawing from Dutch wrapping paper
Child's drawing from wrapping paper, Netherlands
St Nicholas Center Collection

These categories overlap a bit, so do look through all of them to find what you may be looking for

Stories for Classroom Use 
Stories particularly suited to classrooms include an echo story, a story to illustrate with simple drawing, Godly Play-type stories, gentle Waldorf tales, one story in Spanish, and more

Classroom Discussion Ideas 
Discussion guides for different age groups, including some activities

Classroom Activities 
A potpourri of ideas for activities, games, and more

Lesson Plans
A variety of plans for different settings and traditions

More Helpful Ideas

Plays, Skits & Scripts
St. Nicholas Craft Projects
Stories & Poems
Symbols of St. Nicholas
Props to use with St. Nicholas Stories
Ideas for St. Nicholas treats
Musings on Saint Nicholas or How to Play Saint Nicholas
Ideas FROM Teachers

CD coverBert and Ernie Meet Sinterklaas 
The script from the Sesamstraat CD Hoor Wie Klopt Daar Kinderen: Sinterklaas in Sesamstraat is translated from the Dutch. Sinterklaas helps Bert and Ernie understand what friendship really is. It is long, as the entire CD is here, but could be shortened for classroom use, perhaps by cutting some of the songs (other songs would need to be used in any case).

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