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Turn Chocolate Santas into the Real St. Nicholas!

We've updated this page with new Santas! Madelaine Chocolate has a nice ornament Santa (3/4 oz) that makes a special St. Nicholas ornament. Russell Stover's new design needs a different size pattern. So, we've added new pattern sizes—surely there is one to fit whatever Santa you choose.

While working with children talk about the real St. Nicholas. For suggestions, see Things to Talk About While Making St. Nicholas Projects or tell various St. Nicholas stories.

PDF with instructions and 7 miter patterns (printing tips)

Chocolate Santa:
Russell Stover Candies

Chocolate Santa:
Thompson Candy Company

Chocolate Santa:
Russell Stover Candies, 2011 design

Chocolate Ornament Santa:
Madelaine Chocolate Company

Solid Chocolate Santa:
Madelaine Chocolate Company


• Foil covered chocolate Santa, one for each child
  There are many available chocolate Santas; we offer patterns to fit many of them; sometimes you need to adjust just a bit
  Thompson Candy Company, 4 1/8 inches tall (1.75 oz)
  Russell Stover Candies, 4 3/8 inches tall (1.75 oz)
  Madelaine Chocolate Company, flat ornament, 4 inches (3/4 oz)
  Madelaine Chocolate Company, solid, 4 1/8 inches (1 oz)
  Thompson Candy Company, 5 ½ inches tall (3 oz)
• Choose miter pattern to fit your chocolate Santa
  Pattern #1: for larger figures, and Pez dispensers
  Pattern #2: Madelaine flat ornament Santas
  Pattern #3: New Russell Stover Santa
  Pattern #4: smaller Santas
  Pattern #5: solid flat Santas
  Pattern #6: ALDI Choceur, Madelaine solid
  Pattern #7: for large figures, Lindt Santas
• Cut miter pattern out of card stock
  Increase or decrease pattern, if necessary, so it fits your chocolate Santa
  Print page 2 on card stock to make easy-to-use templates.
  If working with a group, make a template for each person

• Gold metallic chenille stems
  7½-inch piece for smaller Santa, 8½-inch for larger
• Red metallic foil card stock (sometimes called metallic foil board) or metallic foil paper
  Cut a rectangle for each child, 5x3-inches for smaller miter, 6x3½-inches for larger
• Metallic cross stickers
  (for online sources, see sidebar)


• Pencils
• Scissors
• Mini stapler, fastens the miter more securely than gluing
• Mini glue dots or tacky glue


1. Draw around miter pattern on wrong side of red card
2. Cut out miter
3. Fold miter at sides
4. Staple back together, matching point and lower edges
5. Bend gold metallic chenille stem piece into a crozier
6. Place miter on head; secure with a bit of glue
7. Use a mini-glue dot or blob of tacky glue to attach bishop's crozier/staff onto the figure's left hand

Voila! Santa is now the real St. Nicholas!

PDF with instructions and miter patterns in 7 sizes

Copyright 2007, 2011 © St. Nicholas Center
Patterns may be printed for use with non-profit groups making art and craft projects. For all other uses, please request permission from Thank you.

Use Choceur Santas from ALDI to make affordable Nicholases with a group; pattern #5 will fit these little Santas

To print patterns:
• Click on file link above, then click the Adobe print icon:Print Icon
• If you're having trouble downloading the file, right-click on the image below and choose "Save target as..." to save it. Then open the PDF with Adobe Reader (free from Adobe's website) and print it following the above tips.

Patterns may be printed for use with non-profit groups making art and craft projects. For all other uses, please request permission from Thank you.

A variety of Santas turned into St. Nicholas

Less expensive chocolate

Godiva, Russell Stover, Thompson
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Tips for accurate PDF printing

For Adobe Reader 7.0
In the Adobe Print dialog box, check these boxes: Check these two boxes: Auto-Rotate and Center & Choose Paper Source by PDF page size
For Adobe Reader 8.0
If you are having trouble printing, try clicking on "Advanced" then "Print as Image."

For older versions
In the Adobe Print dialog box, make sure the boxes for Shrink oversized pages to paper size and Expand small pages to paper size are NOT checked. (In some versions the option is Page Scaling: NONE, click to find Fit to pages and Shrink large pages.)

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