St. Nicholas

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 St. Nicholas Monuments in Ukraine

St. Nicholas is found in many places besides churches. Click for larger images.

The statue of St. Nicolaas, patron saint of Lutsk, is in near the city hall. It was installed in 2000. St. Nicholas' December feast day is celebrated as the Day of Lutsk.

Nikolaev / Mikolaiv
The statue of St. Nicholas, patron saint of Nikolaev and seamen, is in the city center. The city was named for St. Nikolay to honor the Russian victory over the Turks on the saint's day in 1788. The day is regarded as the city's birthday. Today Nikolaev is the Ukrainian shipbuilding center.

Photos: Dmitry Berin ©
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Statue Statue
Photo: Travel Guide to Nikolaev

Vylkove / Vilkove
The statue of St. Nicholas, patron saint of sailors, fishermen, and travelers, is in the former passenger terminal area, now known as St. Nicholas' area. It is thought that his raised finger is not only a blessing, but a warning to "Be careful on the water and on the road." A new tradition has emerged; equipment drivers drive up to the statue before leaving on their routes. The statue was dedicated July 13, 2014.

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