St. Nicholas

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Ideas for Youth Groups

St Nicholas with parachute
Postcard: Austria
St Nicholas Center Collection

Santa & St. Nicholas
Discussion guideline and activities

St. Nicholas—Sharing the Gift
Explore the meaning of Christmas celebration

St. Nicholas Party
Youth plan party for younger kids

Who are you waiting for? Santa? St. Nicholas? Jesus?
Advent Biblical reflection for youth or adults

People of Faith: Saint Nicholas of Myra
Middle schoolers activity sheet

Show God's Love: St. Nicholas of Myra in Lycia—ages 13-17
Lesson plan from the Christian Education Department, Orthodox Church in America

The Miracles of St. Nicholas: The Pious Man's Daughters and the Butcher's Boys 
     A real Story of the True St. Nick by cartoonist Calamity Jon
     This cartoon version probably isn't for everyone

St. Nicholas versus Arius 
     A cartoon account of Nicholas at the Council of Nicaea by George Tautkus
     This is a comic, so expect a bit more than one punch!

Video: We're Here to Ruin SANTA
Unusual look at Santa/St. Nicholas, with solid information and a bit of dark humor

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